Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Cabinets, Installation, and Renovation Services by YG Construction

Our team of designers work to stay on top of the latest kitchen trends. Kitchens today can be hi-tech, open-concept workstations for the whole family and your guests and can be the heart and soul of your home.

Just imagine the comfort and ambiance of a beautiful night glow that turns on as you walk into your kitchen in the evening, quiet music playing in the background, and hidden charging stations for phones and tablets.


Incorporate a Kitchen Island Workstation

Is your kitchen a disorganized dumping ground for the never-ending schoolwork and paperwork? 

A kitchen workstation is a place to help organize your work, your kid’s school activities, and the clutter in your life. The design can seamlessly be integrated to look like part of your kitchen, add an accent with a chair, and storage space for convenience. You too can have an aesthetically pleasing workstation designed for a professional chef and busy family.

Cabinet Panels for Appliances  

Some of our clients prefer that their appliances not be the focal point of their kitchens and have asked for front panels for their dishwasher and / or refrigerator. Another trend is to have fridge and freezer drawer models that fit underneath countertops. These super handy units fit in the space of a traditional cabinet and slide outwards just like a regular cabinet drawer!

Downdraft Ventilation

Does your vision or design have a cooktop or stove located in the middle of the room? Fortunately, homeowners are no longer limited to venting the stove from above. There are new products which provide downdraft ventilation, which makes for clear sightlines throughout the kitchen.


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