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Home Renovations by a Trusted Construction Company in Ajax


Step 1

In order for us to create your dream renovation, the first step in our process is to have a short 15 min. telephone appointment with you to assess your current situation and understand your vision. Click here to book your 15 min. appointment today.

Step 2

We listen to what your vision is, we understand it and then create an in-person appointment to come to your home and assess the project and take measurements. This process/ home visit will take about 15 minutes and will allow us to present a detailed quote to you at a later date. As a trusted construction company in Ajax, you can be sure that we will craft a quote that not only takes your vision in mind, but also your budget.

Step 3

Within 3-5 business days we will provide you with a full quote and references from some of our clients who’ve done similar projects. We will also present you with pictures of similar projects and even some sketches if necessary so that you can get a feel for what your renovation will look like.

Step 4

When you decide to proceed, we will write up a formal agreement which outlines our guarantee to you as a valued client. If you have a desired completion date in mind, make certain you give yourself enough time to schedule your renovation. The team at our Ajax construction company will take your schedule into consideration and provide a luxurious bathroom or kitchen renovation that fits the needs of your family.

Step 5

We’ll give you a chance to review our work and you can let us know how we did. We value your opinion, and we’ll follow-up with a few e-mails after the job is complete to get your feedback.

Step 6

Tell your friends.  90% of our clients have been referred by previous customers who have become our brand ambassadors. We seriously value our happy customers and desire for you to become one of them. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted construction companies in Ajax, and we will always treat your renovation as if it were our own. With unique craftsmanship and attention to detail, our team will make your dreams come to reality.

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At Y&G Construction Group, we’ve renovated hundreds of homes in the Durham Region and surrounding areas. If you’re looking to carry out a bathroom renovation in Ajax, Ontario, our team is the perfect fit.

Our team of craftsman can help you:

  • Choose your theme. Do you want glitz and bling? Do you prefer a waterfall shower inspired by ancient Spain or Morocco? Do you prefer pure elegance, or a modern slick design? If you can think it up, we can help bring your vision to life.
  • Create your personal home spa and/or powder room
  • Design and build a Bath Sanctuary
  • Customize and maximize use of space
  • Incorporate features to increase accessibility. Upgrade to Barrier Free Showers or a Walk in Tub.
  • Incorporate the latest and greatest of home technology
  • Upgrade to include the top 10 Bathroom Design Trends of 2016

Imagine yourself relaxing in your home spa without interruptions.  Set the lighting to your mood, choose your aroma therapy, turn on the Bang and Olufsen and have a hot bath or enjoy your new double rain shower.

If you have the vision, we can deliver on the mission. From concept to design, from plumbing to electrical, from ordering to install, we make sure that your lifestyle choices become a reality. For more information about our bathroom renovations, contact our team today to arrange an estimate.

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If you’re anticipating updating your kitchen this year, then you’ll want to be aware of the hottest kitchen trends for 2016. As home builders and home renovators in the Durham Region, we’ve renovated hundreds of homes since 2003. It’s our job to stay on top of design, technology and interior design trends. Kitchens today are hi-tech open concept workstations for the whole family and your guests. The kitchen is the very soul of a home.

If your kitchen feels disconnected from the rest of your home, maybe it’s time to knock down a wall to allow for a streamlined kitchen design in which the kitchen converges with the main living space.

Every part of the kitchen/living space must be functional for on the go families, from accessible high end smart appliances to the ultimate built-in high end coffee machine.  Think smart wired.  Get ready for a hi-tech makeover. Think hidden charging stations to store devices like phones and tablets, think built in sound system, think built in security. Think of a beautiful night glow that turns on under your cabinets as you walk in your kitchen in the dark. Think automation!

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Families grow, situations change. Some of our clients became primary care-givers and needed an in-law suite. Some became empty nesters and took advantage of this to build out luxury kitchens.  Change is good. You’ll be able to make your new space fresh, relevant and up-to-date.

What type of additions has Y&G designed and built since 2003?

  • Nanny Suites
  • Enlarge Existing Rooms
  • Sunrooms
  • Luxury Kitchens
  • Beautiful transition spaces which flows from your indoor space to your outdoor space

Additions allows you to create open spaces, feature high ceilings, move walls, make rooms bigger, and incorporate nature and high tech trends.

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Y&G Construction group is a trusted Ajax construction company and is currently in its 14th year of business specializing in both new home construction and home renovations in the Durham Region of Ontario. Because of the expertise of our team, we are able to provide on-stop solutions from concept to design to build. Our team includes experienced full time project managers and administration staff, a crafts and trades crew, and full time design crew. In other words, our human resources are in-house and not out-sourced.

Why is that important for you to be aware of? It means that workers that are on payroll are more reliable, consistent, trained and deliver a higher accountability on your project. It also means they truly care about the end result. They are also WSIB compliant up-to-date on their safety training, and are insured. We do not hire external companies to do the work for us. Instead, we take pride in all aspects of the job and can work with you to make adjustments at any stage.

Whether you are repurposing an existing space, building a new addition, building a new home or structure, or going for the total make-over, book your 15 minute phone call today to get you set up with a competitive quote.

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The Y&G Guarantee

We offer a limited two year warranty on all our workmanship. In addition, our warranty covers any repairs or replacement that may be necessary down the road at our own cost. * Please review contract regarding exclusions. For example: Manufacturers may have warranties of their own. If we install a tap fixture that you purchase through a third party and not from us, the manufacturer’s warranty will supersede ours.

If you’re ready to turn your vision into reality, trust an Ajax construction company with the expertise and know-how to complete the job. Contact our team today to learn more and schedule a quick call to discuss your plans.

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