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As home builders and home renovators in the Durham Region, we’ve renovated hundreds of homes since 2003. It’s our job to stay on top of design, technology and interior design trends. Kitchens today are hi-tech open concept workstations for the whole family and your guests. The kitchen is the very soul of a home.

If your kitchen feels disconnected from the rest of your home then maybe it’s time to change it up! Knock down a wall to allow for a streamlined design in which the kitchen merges with the main living space.

Every part of the kitchen/living space must be functional for on the go families, from accessible high-end smart appliances to the ultimate built-in luxury coffee machine.

Start thinking smart wired and get ready for a high-tech makeover! Just imagine a beautiful night glow that turns on under your cabinets as you walk into your kitchen in the dark. Here are few more examples of what you could achieve:

  • hidden charging stations to store devices like phones and tablets
  • built in sound system
  • built in security

By thinking with automation the options are endless!

Think hidden charging stations to store devices like phones and tablets, think built in sound system, think built in security. Think of a beautiful night glow that turns on under your cabinets as you walk in your kitchen in the dark. Think automation!

The Top 6 Hottest Kitchen Renovation Trends.

#1 – Incorporate a Kitchen Workstation

Is your kitchen a dumping ground for the never-ending school work and paperwork? A kitchen workstation is a place to help organize your work, kid’s school activities and the clutter in your life. A perfect place to store cooking books, access a laptop containing your favorite recipes, hide the clutter, do homework or simply give a temporary home to your mail and unopened bills.

The design can seamlessly be integrated to look like part of your kitchen, add an accent with a chair, and storage space for convenience. You too can have an aesthetically pleasing workstation designed for a professional chef and busy family.

#2 – High End Smart Appliances

Have you considered bringing your Air Conditioner, Vacuum Cleaner, Refrigerator, Coffee Makers, Dishwasher or Freezer to life? Think of planning for a new suite of high-end household appliances that will all link to your smartphones and tablets via mobile apps.

Your internet connection will allow you to perform a wide range of slick tricks like receiving alerts for when the bread is baked, when your ice tray is full, or the status of the dishwasher and what food needs to be replenished in your refrigerator. Imagine receiving a heads-up in the event of a power outage and if internal temperatures exceeds a safety zone.

#3 – Incorporate Kitchen Technology

Get ready for a high-tech makeover! Also consider motion-activated lighting for under your cabinets and or island. Think of hidden storage docks for your phones, tablets and laptops. Think surround sound. Think wireless. Think automation.

#4 – Downdraft Ventilation

Stove top ranges: Hooray! Homeowners are no longer limited to venting from the ceiling. There are due to beautiful new products like Bosh Benchmark wall ovens and downdraft ventilation cooktops (which means sight lines are no longer compromised). Your stove top can be by a window.

#5 – Hide Your Electrical Outlets

You invested so much in your backsplash, so let’s face it; an electrical outlet might stand out like a sore thumb. Luckily, electrical outlets no longer have to be placed on your back splash. Think it through in advance. Below a few design tricks consider in advance during the planning stage for your kitchen renovation in Ajax and surrounding areas:

Consider running a plug strip behind the under-cabinet lights.
Think of designing a purposeful secret compartment.You can hide an outlet behind a little trap door. When you need the plug, just open the door and plug in the appliance. This is especially handy on an island.
Think of moving the outlets to a lower, horizontal position. This helps keep outlets out of the design-critical parts of the backsplash. And because you won’t have long cords snaking up to a higher plug, they’ll be mostly out of sight when in use.
Ask the designer if they can hide light switches or incorporate them into the design.

#6 – Cloaking makes your appliances disappear

Some of our clients don’t want a giant fridge as the focal point of their kitchens, and have asked for the cloaked option: refrigerator drawers.

Refrigerator drawers are fridge and freezer models that fit underneath countertops in place of cabinets.
These super handy units fit in the space of a traditional cabinet and slide outwards just like a regular cabinet drawer door.
Food doesn’t seem to go to waste when you can see your food.
Forget bending down and the awkwardness of trying to find the hidden veggies in the veggie drawer. Set up your juicer and grab them from the island drawer!
Both Sub Zero and The KitchenAid Architect Series II line offer an under-counter solution.

We are truly your one stop shop. We can help you choose cabinetry, hardware, tiles for your backsplash, counter tops, undermount lighting, sink & faucets too!

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“Ron and I had Y & G Construction Group install a kitchen back splash and also do a complete bathroom renovation. We found Glenn and his crew to be polite and they tried to explain what was happening during each stage of the bathroom renovation.We would call Glenn’s office and Corinne would sort things out as soon as possible, if we were having a problem. Ron and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Y & G Construction Group to our friends and family.”

J. Kleinschmidt, Ajax, ON

Choose Y&G Construction Group for Custom Kitchen Renovations in Ajax

When you first decide to renovate your kitchen, what was your first thought? For a lot of people, cost-benefit comes into play. Redoing a kitchen is an investment in your home, and you want to make sure you are hiring a company who will get the job done properly.

There are of course many choices you can make when choosing a team for your next kitchen renovation project in Ajax. But here’s what sets us apart.

Y&G is NOT just a general contractor. We are a design firm that works with you to implement your vision from start to finish. We do not simply take the job and farm it out to a variety of sub-contractors you’ve never heard of. Instead, we have a team of highly-trained construction experts working in-house to implement your vision and turn it into reality. The biggest advantage of this is that we are able to come in on-budget and on-time, every time. That’s the Y&G difference. If you’re interested in learning more about our kitchen renovations in the Ajax area, contact us today to book a free consultation.

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